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Atlanta is the cultural hub of the South and we’re happy to contribute to the creators in this space. Give us a call today we’re happy to discuss your project.


For us, it really is simple. We keep our doors open for any interesting opportunity that may come through. What gets us up in the morning is the ability to help others achieve their crazy ideas whether it be for an event, art installation, movie set, marketing experience, or hotel lobby. It could be one object, or it could be an entire environment. It could be the initial CAD model for a new product idea with a prototype, or it could be a permanent install that lasts for years. We exist to work with anyone that wants to create and needs the tools and knowledge we have to make it happen.

People also enjoy working with us because we are approachable and really will consider any design problem presented to us. Since we know how to make just about anything, we can point people in the right direction and offer sound advice. We also assist other fabrication and construction companies get the job done with our custom services. We enjoy working alongside other builders to make awesome projects come to life. Plug us into any role in an overwhelming project and we’ll run with it.

On top of that, we believe in superior quality in everything we put out there. We are detail oriented to the core. We notice things that most people never would. We take the extra time to do things right the first time, because that usually ends up being the fastest way anyways. Our resume of feature film scenery puts us at the gold standard for custom fabrication, if you want your stuff to look like it’s ready for the silver screen, you’ve come to the right place!

meet the team

Doug Womack - Fabricator and Construction Project Manager | Faux Real Design & Fabrication

Doug Womack

Partner/Project Manager

Doug Womack has been a staple figure in film industry construction for decades. He originally journeyed out to L.A. with dreams of becoming a rock star, and instead ended up a star of a different kind! Since earning the title of Construction Coordinator at the age of 28, he’s managed crews on numerous feature films with multi-million dollar budgets. Examples include the Austin Power’s series and more recently Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Citadel on Amazon Prime. Doug provides invaluable insights on Faux Real’s more challenging projects. The creativity required to achieve a given vision is what drives him.

Shayne Little, Metal Fabricator | Faux Real Design & Fabrication LLC

Shayne Little

Partner/Metal Fabricator

Shayne Little is a well respected metal fabricator with decades of custom fabrication under his belt. His knowledge of steel and aluminum, and their properties, is unsurpassed. He is extremely talented in quickly selecting the proper materials for structural needs in the design phase of builds. He’s headed up the welding departments on multiple feature films. His handiwork is responsible for the helical staircase in Netflix’s Thunder Force and an entire airplane silhouette welded out of small tubing. Shayne is the epitome of a family man, loving to spend time with his new grandson.

Christian Morgan - CNC Programmer and 3D Modeler | Faux Real Design & Fabrication

Christian Morgan

CNC Programmer/3D Modeler

Christian Morgan has been working in the film industry since the tender age of 18. He has experience as a propmaker as well as extensive time in CNC departments cranking out parts. Today, he is a vital asset to the team handling jobs from design stage to fulfillment. In his free time, he enjoys making videos for his personal YouTube channel.

Ethan Little

Metal Fabricator

Ethan Little is a young, blossoming, welder and already has a few picture credits to his name including Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Amazon Studios’ Citadel. He enjoys working out at the gym in his free time.

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