Complete Custom Fabrication Services


A Fresh Fabrication Shop Ready to Build Your Next Crazy Idea.

Designer Meet Maker.

What we do best is think. We think long and hard about everything that your proposition brings to the table. We run through thousands of scenarios and project variables, things that can take things sideways, and then spit out a plan. Then we execute that plan.

Custom CNC Router Parts

Did you know that CNC machines are the coolest invention in the history of mankind? Once you understand their true power, you feel like you are able to create anything, and basically you can. Dont know how to work one? That’s OK, because we do!

Large-Scale Foam Sculptures

Once you enter the world of foam creations, you stop knowing what is real and what isn’t. You also lose your sense of scale because coke cans and monsters alike can be 15ft high. Foam sculptures tend to wow passerby’s like no other at events, festivals, and any place you need to wow people.

3D Printing

Quick 3D Prints for Production Meetings

Production Meetings go way smoother with nice visuals available. Especially ones you can touch and spin around in your hands. We get it, and we know that you need a quick 3d print for tomorrow. Feel free to give us a call about it, and an .STL, too please.